Etiquette, housekeeping and safety

All participants are expected to remember a few simple ground rules while at the retreat, to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of the retreat for everyone.


  • Be on time for workshops.
  • Keep noise levels down while tutors are speaking so that students can hear workshop instructions.
  • Do not interrupt workshops you are not participating in, especially by talking to the tutor. Break times are a good chance to have a chat. Quietly walking around to see what everyone is doing or to take photos is fine.
  • Refrain from taking stretch/cuppa breaks when your instructor is demonstrating something or speaking to the group as a whole.
  • Turn your phone to silent during workshops. If you really need to take a call please move away from the workshop area.
  • Refrain from loud swearing and other inappropriate behaviour – we do occasionally have youngsters around and we also need to maintain a good reputation with the venues we use.
  • Keep the noise levels down after 10pm in the accommodation areas. Don’t carry on conversations right outside people’s bedrooms.
  • Photos – please request permission of creator before taking photos of their work. This does not apply to challenge pieces which will be on display and are ok to photograph, but please give credit to the creator if sharing online.


  • Dietary requirements MUST be specified on your registration form. Requirements not specified at the time of booking may not be catered for.
  • Meals and snacks are served in the main dining room of the venue unless otherwise specified.
  • Be on time for meals. If you’re late, your food may be cold!
  • Respect the rules of the venue in regards to all housekeeping and safety matters.
  • Clean up after yourself at meal and snack times – this includes taking crockery and cutlery to the nominated stacking area and wiping down tables.
  • If washing up facilities are available, wash up your cups and put them back were they came from.
  • Where rooms have shared keys, these are to be left in a nominated area in the conference room so that each person in a particular room can find them when needed.
  • Pack up your gear promptly at the end of a workshop so that the next workshop can bet set up.
  • Ensure your workshop area is left clean and tidy at the end of your workshop.


  • Anyone who has been drinking alcohol will NOT be allowed to participate in classes – this is a serious health and safety risk.
  • Drinking (in moderation and where permitted at the venue) is fine AFTER classes have finished.
  • Do not drive over grassy areas or gardens at the venue (eg to unload vehicles) – keep to designated roads, driveways and parking areas.
  • If you need help loading/unloading vehicles please ask Alida, Nikki or another capable person for assistance.
  • Take regular breaks from your work, have a stretch and drink plenty of water, especially if the weather is hot.
  • If you feel unwell at any time please notify Alida or Nikki (or have someone do this for you).