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Bang it up! Cold Connections

Cold connections includes riveting or stapling items together without heat and can be done with simple tools found around the home. In this workshop, learn to rivet, set a found object (cabochon, button, etc) with tabs and drill holes in metal.

This course will specifically teach: making/setting wire rivets, making/setting tube rivets, cut sheet metal, drill holes in sheet metal, texture metal and how to do final clean up on project.

Please note there will be loud hammering so be forewarned!

Duration: 4 hours

Max participants: Six

Difficulty: Beginner. This is a class that teaches everything from the beginning. The teacher will demonstrate all skills for first 30 – 45 minutes and then class is run as open workshop for students to do a simple project or item of their own design. Returning students welcome!

Prerequisite skills: No previous metal work skills required, but a knowledge of using a hammer, hand held electric drill and files is a major plus. A firm grip is required.

Cost: $65.00 ($40 tutor fee + $25 kit fee) – payable directly to tutor

Kit contents:

  • 2mm (12g) round copper wire x 1m
  • 1.5mm (14g) round copper wire x 2m
  • 1mm (18g) round copper wire x 2m
  • 1mm x 5mm half round copper wire x 2m
  • 15x15cm copper sheet 0.55mm (24g)
  • 15x15cm brass sheet 0.55mm (24g)
  • Copper tube 2.8mm od x 5cm
  • Copper tube 3-5mm od x 5cm
  • Aluminium tube x 5cm
  • Small piece of sand paper in grits: 240, 400, 600, 1000, 1500
  • Small mixed media of prefab rivets, stamped charms, metal disks will be available during class.

Supplies required by participants:

  • Fine metal file (available at $2 stores)
  • Wire cutters
  • Flat needle nose pliers
  • Round needle nose pliers
  • 15mm – 25mm cabochon or flat found object to set
  • Pretty food tins if you would like to cut out shapes for your project (optional)

IF YOU OWN the following, please bring them but do not go out and buy them specifically!

  • Coping saw with blades
  • Ball peen Hammer
  • Smooth small anvil or block
  • Bench Pin with wooden Anvil
  • Specialised texture hammers or items to whack texture onto metal surface

Tutor will provide the following for use in class:

  • Anvil/blocks
  • Ball peen hammers
  • Rivet hammers
  • Coping saws and oodles of blades
  • Electric drill and bits
  • Drilling wooden block
  • Bench Pins with fence plank
  • fine metal files

Please note:

  1. This workshop will be loud so if you have sensitive hearing, bring ear plugs or ear defenders.
  2. Budget tools from variety shops or Bunnings will suffice perfectly for this kind of work!
  3. Good sized rust proof “anvils” will be available for $5 purchase. These are galvanised steel circle plates from Edcon Steel.

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