Teach at a Retreat

Anyone interested in teaching a workshop at an Aussie Beading Retreat is welcome to submit an expression of interest.

Expressions of interest are currently closed and will reopen when the next Retreat dates are announced.

Things to note:

  • Where possible, tutors should make kits available for all workshops.
  • Where kits cannot be supplied, a detailed list of required supplies must be provided.
  • Adequate written instructions should be provided at the workshop so that participants will be able to complete their project later.
  • Workshop fees are based on the cost of the kit plus an instructor fee based on length of the workshop (2hr/$20, 4hr/$40, 8hr (full day)/$80).
  • Registrations for workshops will be submitted via an online form on this website and forwarded directly to the relevant tutor. It is then up to each tutor to contact participants with a confirmation and payment instructions.
  • Workshops (not including limited classes such as silversmithing and lampworking) should be kept to a maximum of 6 participants to allow the tutor to give everyone sufficient attention throughout the workshop.