Anyone interested in teaching a workshop at an Aussie Beading Retreat is welcome to submit an expression of interest.

Things to note:

  • Where possible, tutors should make kits available for all workshops.
  • Where kits cannot be supplied, a detailed list of required supplies must be provided.
  • Adequate written instructions should be provided at the workshop so that participants will be able to complete their project later.
  • Workshop fees are based on the cost of the kit plus an instructor fee based on length of the workshop (2hr/$30, 4hr/$60, 7hr (full day)/$105).
  • Registrations for workshops will be submitted via an online form on this website and forwarded directly to the relevant tutor. It is then up to each tutor to contact participants with a confirmation and payment instructions.
  • Workshops (not including limited classes such as silversmithing and lampworking) should be kept to a maximum of 6 participants to allow the tutor to give everyone sufficient attention throughout the workshop.

To register your interest, please complete the form below and include at least one high quality photo of a finished sample.

The organisers will consider your application and contact you when a decision has been made.

Name (required)

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Phone (required)

Workshop name (required)

Workshop description, including skills taught - this is your chance to sell the class, talk it up! (required)

Duration of workshop

Maximum number of participants per class (preferred maximum class size is six)

Level of difficulty

Comments on difficulty level

Prerequisite skills

Required facilities (eg safe area for flame work, consistent warm temperature for resin to set)

Kits can be supplied

Cost of kit (not including tutor fee)

Kit contents (please be specific)

List tools and additional supplies required by participants

Complete list of materials required if kit is NOT being supplied (please be specific)

If you are new to our Retreats, please briefly outline any previous teaching experience you have

Please email at least one (and up to 4) uncropped and unedited .jpg or .png format images of your completed sample piece to with the name of your workshop in the subject line. Sample pieces should be photographed on a plain background to assist in showing the detail in the piece/s. These images will be used for advertising your workshop on our website so please ensure the highest quality images that you can manage. Our web manager will select the most suitable image/s of those provided, and will do any final tweaking and cropping required.


I agree that:

  • I have included a detailed list of requirements where kits will not be available;
  • Adequate written instructions will be provided at the workshop to allow participants to complete unfinished projects after the workshop;
  • My fee will be based on length of the workshop (2hr/$30, 4hr/$60, 7hr (full day)/$105). Kits are an additional fee determined by me;
  • Registrations for this workshop will be submitted via an online form on the ABR website and forwarded directly to me. It is then my responsibility to contact participants with a confirmation and payment instructions;
  • I will supply up to 4 high quality, uncropped, unedited photos of my sample piece for use on the ABR website.