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Bash and Bang Cold Connections

Come get some aggression therapy in a class where messy and rough makes for great art. This class will teach basic metal working skills when soldering or heat is not possible. Cold connections are a great way to join delicate materials to metal. 

The techniques are demonstrated in the first hour and then rest of class is an open workshop for each student to develop their own small pendant type project with teacher nearby to assist.

New to the cold connection process?

Come to the class with a page of photos or drawn shapes smaller than 4cm x 4cm size.  One will be selected to use for construction of a project in class.  Starting with straight wire, sheet metal and a ton of tools, you will learn to cut, shape, drill, texture, connect and finish off metal into a pendant/dangle. Techniques applied will be 1 main metal shape cut out, wire rivet, tube rivet, simple bail crafted and a few elements added from pool of class materials. 

Returning Cold Connections or Hammered Wire students:

Utilise the set up as your workshop for the day with the expertise of the tutor on hand to tackle your own project. Remember there are more challenging projects in the cold connection course notes including a tab setting if you need inspiration. For more complex projects please talk to tutor beforehand to maximise the 4 hour course. Some prefabrication of basic shapes may be required.

For all students:

Please note that the course will be loud with hammers banging metal.  Ear defenders are suggested if you have sensitive hearing or aversion to loud noises.

Techniques taught in this class include:

  • planning a multi layered project
  • shears use to cut metal
  • coping saw skills (cut sheet metal, jump rings)
  • drill sheet metal
  • creating rivets from scratch (wire and tube) screws
  • staples used for connections
  • bail creation
  • filing, sanding and finishing metal project to high standard
  • texturing metal with a variety of found objects
  • tab setting demonstrated

Duration: 4 hours

Max participants: Six

Difficulty: Beginner. This is a class that teaches everything from the beginning. The teacher will demonstrate all skills for first 30 – 45 minutes and then class is run as open workshop for students to do a simple project or item of their own design. Returning students welcome!

Prerequisite skills: Knowledge of using metal file. How to make basic shapes with pliers. Use wire cutters.

Cost: $85.00 ($60 tutor fee + $25 kit fee) – payable directly to tutor

Kit contents:

  • 2mm round copper wire x 1m
  • 1.5mm round copper wire x 1m
  • 1.25mm round copper wire x 1m
  • 1mm round copper wire x 2m
  • 1mm x 5mm half round copper wire x 1m
  • 10cm x 10cm copper sheet
  • 10cm x 10cm brass sheet
  • Copper tube 2 x 5cm
  • Aluminium tube 1 x 5cm
  • Commercial half rivets
  • Various charm elements

Supplies required by participants:

  • Safety glasses
  • Earplugs / defenders (optional)

IF YOU OWN the following, please bring them but do not go out and buy them specifically!

  • Ball peen hammer

  • Jewelers coping saw

  • Bench clamp

  • Various items that have interesting ends to add texture to metal

  • Unusual charms, metal dangles (if you have anything you aren’t likely to use, please feel free to bring things to share with the class)

Tutor will provide the following for use in class:

  • Anvil/blocks
  • Ball peen hammers
  • Rivet hammers
  • Coping saws and oodles of blades
  • Electric drill and bits
  • Drilling wooden block
  • Bench Pins with fence plank
  • Fine metal files

Please note:

  1. This workshop will be loud so if you have sensitive hearing, bring ear plugs or ear defenders.
  2. Budget tools from variety shops or Bunnings will suffice perfectly for this kind of work!

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